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Tony Abbott battles hipsters, lefties, students and the ABC in new video game
The Sydney Morning Herald

"You can take control of Tony Abbott as he battles hipsters, lefties, faceless men, prominent ABC journalists and, of course, Malcolm Turnbull in a new video game that lampoons the absurdity of Australian politics."

Tony Abbott Gets His Own RPG

"There’s special attacks too. Tony’s first special: nodding silently, which is effective for confusing journalists."

You Can Now Play The ‘Tony Abbott And The Quest For The Suppository Of Wisdom’ RPG

"But today I see the error of our ways. We dreamed too big. This man’s follies were best documented in a medium which befit their nature: simple, odd, and entirely outdated. Presenting, Tony Abbott and the Quest for the Suppository of Wisdom — a new RPG game that documents the fall and fall our former PM."

The First Episode Of The Tony Abbott RPG Is Out

The Tony Abbott RPG Has Landed So You Can Live The Libspill Like It’s 2015
Pedestrian TV

"Inspired by Golden Sun / Pokémon-style jRPGs, the extremely lengthily-titled Tony Abbott And The Quest For The Suppository Of Wisdom is an episodic top-down game that allows you to navigate Canberra as the embattled only-very-recently former prime minister, battling opponents in the form of “arguments”."

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